Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ever Faithful Sheet Music for SA

My song "Ever Faithful" is now available for download. You can do so from my website www.completelee.com or directly from Lulu here.

The lyrics to “Ever Faithful” draw heavily from Ecclesiastes chapter 3. The message of the song is that no matter which of the various seasons/stages in life we are going through, everything is all right because God is in Heaven. I love the scripture in Ecclesiastes because it lists not only all the times of woes, but every opposite of them!

By downloading this music, you receive sheet music for SA + Violins + piano and also sheet music for just the SA & piano. I also included a computerized audio recording of this song for ease of learning. It is the music only, no lyrics. So that you know what to expect, this is just a computerized audio recording. It isn’t done in a studio. All the tracks are computer generated. The sound is clear and you will be able to learn the song tune by listening to this mp3. Just don’t expect a spectacular studio produced sound, okay? :)

Please adhere to copyright restrictions. If you have friends, family, coworkers and others that would like a copy of this music, send them a link to this page or to www.completelee.com where they can download their own. Thank you.

Questions? Contact me at music@completelee.com

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